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Order question

When will my order arrive?

We try to get your order on the way within 1-2 business days. Once your order is in the hands of FedEx it typically takes 3-5 business days to arrive on your doorstep! Our products are made and shipped out of Arizona and Utah.

I didnt get an order confirmation. Did my order go through?

Most likely your order was received by us! It's more common than you would think that your email address was mis-spelled. We try to keep track of when an order confirmation email bounces and we will try to get in contact with you in some way. If you are curious about your order status, email us at Orders are typically shipped within two business days and take 3-5 business days to arrive via FedEx. All Skriddles are shipped from Arizona.

Returns and exchanges

Please double check Skriddle size compared to your stove before ordering to ensure you order the correct size for your use. $10 re-stocking fee on all refunds and exchanges. Return shipping for returns and exchanges is covered by the customer. When ordering your Skriddle, check the cooking surface dimensions compared to your stove. If your stove has collapsable wind screens (like on a fold up camping stove) take the overall dimensions of the Skriddle into account as the side walls flare out from the cooking surface and may interfere with your wind screen.

Caring for your product

How do I clean and season my Skriddle?


  • The Skriddles are pre-coated with a food grade oil. Clean the pan with hot water and wipe with a paper towel.
  • Apply a thin coat of oil. Canola oil is recommended. Apply the oil to all surfaces of the Skriddle. If the pan is too shinny there is too much oil. Wipe the pan once again with a clean paper towel to remove excess oil.
  • Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Place the Skriddle in the oven upside down. After 45 minutes, shut the oven off and leave the Skriddle in the oven until cool.
  • If you purchased a 30" Skriddle and you can season the Skriddle on your outdoor cook top set to medium heat.
  • Coat the Skriddle with oil as listed above. Heat the Skriddle to smoking point of the oil. Let the Skriddle heat up for five minutes. Turn the heat off and let the Skriddle cool.
  • Once the Skriddle is cool to touch wipe the surface with a paper towel and the surface should be smooth to the touch.
  • Once cooking is completed, heat up the Skriddle. Add hot water to the Skriddle, use a spatula or pan scraper and use it to remove any residue on the pan.
  • Drain the Skriddle and add warm water and wipe out any remaining residue. Wipe until the pan is clean.
  • Reheat the Skriddle to dry out the pan. Once the pan has cooled add a fresh coat of oil and store the Skriddle

My Skriddle has rust spots. What do I do?

If you leave moisture on your Skriddle, rust spots will most likely appear. Thankfully this is easy to fix! Use a stainless steel scouring pad to scrub the rust spots while running it under water. Once all of the spots are gone make sure to dry the Skriddle thuroughly! We typically put it back on the stove for a few minutes untill the water has evaporated. For heavier rust spots that a stainless steel scouring pad wont take care of, a wire brush is completely fine to use on your Skriddle! Dont worry about hurting your Skriddle, we built them to take a lot of abuse! We have even used a wire brush attachment on a drill and it polished it up to look like new!

Important info

Warranty info

All TYOR products are warrantied to be free from manufacturer defects for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. The warranty is granted to the original purchaser and is not transferable. The warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or misuse, including but not limited to overheating of the Skriddle, warping of the Skriddle caused by rapid temperature shock, or rust. As with all high-end carbon steel pans, the TYOR Skriddles are not a non-stick surface. They must be properly seasoned to achieve a non-stick surface. TYOR does not offer a warranty for a non-stick cooking surface. Rust is not a warranted item. Proper cleaning and care for TYOR Skriddles and Bow Stands is the responsibility of the owner. Painted (powder coated) surfaces are warrantied to be free of manufacturer defects for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. Damage to the painted surface is not considered a warranted item. All warranty claims require the approval of TYOR customer service. Any items that are to be returned must receive an authorization number from TYOR Customer Service. Contact TYOR at: 1-801-682-9682 or TYOR is not responsible for shipping costs on any defective items. If it the warranty claim is approved TYOR will send an identical replacement item at no charge to the consumer

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