Skriddle 220

The TYOR Skriddle 220 was made with our van-life and camping community in mind! We designed it to fit on most two-burner camp stoves (without the windscreen) for an easier outdoor group cooking experience. The Skriddle 220 is crafted out of a single sheet of carbon steel making it less brittle, more durable, and lighter than the traditional choice of cast iron! We designed the Skriddle line-up with no long handle to make it easily fit into almost any sized storage space.


Why is carbon steel worth a few extra dollars? First off, it's going to outlast most other cookware and definitely every person on the earth. One aspect of carbon steel that makes it better than its well-known competition in the cooking world, cast iron, is its smaller pores! Smaller pores = less food sticking and less brittle (way stronger)! Many professional chefs around the world prefer cookware made out of carbon steel because of these qualities. Their cookware goes through a lot of abuse so having a durable metal that's easy to clean after cooking is a must-have for them and should be a must-have for you too!


If you are buying the Skriddle 220 to use on a two-burner camp stove like the Camp Chef Everest, keep in mind that while the cooking surface of the 220 is the perfect size to fit over both burners, the sidewalls flare out adding 3 3/4 inches to the length and width. Why does this matter? You're going to have to keep the windscreen off/down while cooking since it simply won't fit with it up. 

Skriddle 220

    • Oven, stove, and campfire safe

    • Smooth surface naturally gives it non-stick properties

    • Stronger and less brittle than cast iron

    • 10 gauge cold-rolled carbon steel for quick and even heating

    • Weighs approximately 20 lbs

    • Preferred cookware material for professional chefs

    • 3.25" tall side walls perfect for boiling or frying

    • Stove (pictured) not included

    • Handcrafted in the USA

    • Patent pending


Handmade in the USA